0.7 — 3 cent €
per transaction
PCI DSS Level 1 cost 3000 €
Independence and control
in accepting payments
CloudPayments — technological payment service provider with an individual approach to each client.
We are the market leader in Internet acquiring since 2014
1 500
by transaction
per second
Our New
CloudPaymens Soft - rent of payment processing software by SaaS model.

PSI DSS Level 1

Connect 3 banks
at the same time
and split transactions

More than 10 000
transactions per month?
CloudPayments Soft
is exact that you need

No transaction fee
The cost of the transaction is fixed and does not depend on the amount of payment. Advantageous for payments with a large check. No transaction fees.
PCI DSS certification
Fast and easy to obtain PCI DSS level 1 and 2 certificate for minimal cost
Powerful Hardware
Powerful servers for maximum speed are located in Russia.
Access to world markets
Possibility to connect it in any country to the local bank and service transactions in any currency.
Mobile Payment Processing
Apple Pay and Google Pay Support. Easy payment by mobile devices, increasing payment conversion and customer loyalty.
SLA 99,9 %
Downtime financial liability
Cost per
250 000 transactions
3 legal entities
2 banks
+3 cent €
for transaction
over the limit
7 500 €
1 000 000 transactions
5 legal entities
5 banks
+1 cent €
for transaction
over the limit
10 000 €
2 000 000 transactions
no limits
+0,7 cent €
for transaction
over the limit
15 000 €
Global market access
The software is localized to work in any country of the world and process transactions in any currency
The company guarantees SLA for this service 99.9%. The contract for the provision of rental services spelled out financial responsibility for the implementation of this SLA.
Google &
Apple pay
are included
Easy payment by mobile devices, increassing conversion and customer loyalty.
How can I get your product?
To use our product, you must sign a license agreement with us. We provide a simple non-exclusive license to CloudPayments Soft
Since the product is a technically complex system that requires constant support and maintenance, we provide a license for cloud usage only, in the Software as a Service (SaaS) mode
How do I get started with your product?
To work with our product you will receive a set of tools: widget, checkout, mobile sdk, api, personal account.
Each project of our partner is unique and requires discussion. To obtain a contract and agree terms, please contact us at
How much is your product and what is included in the price?
The cost of our product includes several components: computing power, software and support.
Product pricing is based on the cost of a technical transaction and does not depend on the amount of transactions.
Paying attention to the needs of our customers, we also have rates that include transaction limits. Our partner pays a monthly rate and have a limit of transactions for a month. At the end of the month in case of exceeding the transaction limit, the partner pays for transactions in excess of the limit on the basis of the submitted act.
What banks can your product work with?
Our product is already integrated with many banks in Russia, the near abroad and Europe. You can choose to connect to already integrated banks, or you can order an integration to your partner bank with which you have an agreement.
New integration with the bank takes about a month and is included in the cost of the rate. The main condition for the integration of a new bank is the availability of technical capabilities for integration on its side.
Can I provide online acquiring services with your product?
Initially, our product is intended for commercial enterprises, but we are considering options for a license agreement for payment systems according to the White Label model. One of the conditions of such an agreement is local use, which does not lead to competition between our companies.
How is technical support provided?
We guarantee the operation of our product 24/7/365. This means that our technical support will ensure the availability of the product around the clock. In this case, consultations and maintenance work will be carried out during normal working hours.
Can I get my own PCI DSS certificate?
If you sign a license agreement with us, we can provide you with QSA auditor services on preferential terms. Our partner can perform all the necessary procedures and provide you a package of documents in 2 weeks.
You can get a PCI DSS Level 1/2 certificate for both your parent company and its subsidiaries in different countries. This model was developed specifically for the franchise mechanism.
What is an ASV scan and why do I need it?
ASV scanning is an automated check of all points of information infrastructure connection to the Internet for vulnerabilities. According to the requirements of the PCI DSS standard, such testing should be performed quarterly.
If you are developing your own website or mobile application in which card data is being received, then you need to perform ASV scanning in order to comply with the requirements of the PCI DSS standard.
ASV scanning services can be ordered independently or with the help of our partner.
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